Tempe Town Lake In Tempe AZ

Tempe Town Lake, located in Tempe, Arizona is one of the most popular attractions in the Greater Phoenix area. It’s an urban recreation environment that is a destination unto itself. Spend the morning sailing across crystal clear lake waters, picnic on the grassy knolls that hug the banks of the lake, stroll along the sandy beaches, skate the concrete trails, attend an outdoor concert and then have dinner at dozens of fine restaurants within walking distance on Mill Avenue.

More than just a city water-side Park, Tempe Town Lake is a masterpiece of open space and habitat blending seamlessly with lakeside residential and commercial development that features high rise condo with an astounding view. Two miles in length and found along the traditional banks of the normally dry Salt River, the Lake combines innovative design with the wonders of nature into a vibrant mix of outdoor recreation, arts and culture settings, premier boutique shops, and fine dining. Completed in the 1990s after two decades of planning, today Tempe Town Lake is the crown jewel of the City of Tempe and provides an exciting destination experience.

In The Heart of Old Town Tempe.

Tempe Town Lake is in the heart of downtown Tempe action. The lake runs east from the Mill Avenue Bridge along Rio Salado Parkway and west to Beach Park, a family-safe recreation area. The Lake borders Mill Avenue, a pedestrian-friendly environment that hosts several annual events and is the typical college hangout for the students at Arizona State University, home of Sun Devil Stadium which sets at the north shore of Tempe Town Lake. Mill Avenue boasts over 200 shops, restaurants, breweries and Tempe nightlife entertainment.

Tempe Marketplace which contains over 1.3 million square feet of high-end retail stores, boutiques, restaurants and entertainment centers also sets on the southern shores of Tempe Town Lake. Designed as a lifestyle center, the Tempe Marketplace distinguishes itself from other shopping venues by its creative use of water elements, fire pits, gathered seating spots, concert venues and pedestrian-friendly walkways, within clear view of the sparkling waters of Tempe Town Lake.

A World of Recreation.

Visitors to Tempe Town Lake can enjoy a host of outdoor activities. Whether visiting Tempe for the Ironman Arizona race or simply out for an evening stroll among the various walking and cycling trails, Town Lake is the place to be.

Boating – whether rowing, sailing or paddling, there are plenty of ways to get on the water at Town Lake. You can bring your own boat, enjoy a cruise from the Rio Lago Cruise Company, or rent a small watercraft, all at the lake’s north shore.

Jogging and Bicycling. the lake’s long, linear design is perfect for jogging or riding your bike. The route from Rural Road to Mill Avenue is three miles long, the near equivalent of a 5K race, and thousands of outdoor enthusiasts flock to the trail each year to train for area races. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy the workout trail that circles the lake beginning at Tempe Beach Park, however. An easy loop road, this trail is ideal for walkers, cyclists, marathon runners or the casual jogger and the flat terrain makes it one of the best interval training tracks in Arizona.

Fishing – Town Lake is stocked with rainbow trout each year, but don’t be surprised if you land one or two other delicious types of fish as well, as nearly a dozen varieties call Town Lake home.

Event Entertainment.

While Town Lake is home to several small amphitheaters that host community entertainment and seasonal concerts, the premier entertainment spot is the Tempe Center for the Arts. More than just a performing arts center, TCA contains a 3,500 square foot art gallery, an art park and outdoor displays, a lakeside banquet and conference facility, and is directly adjacent to the walking and bicycling paths that circle the lake. A destination in itself, TCA contains a sculpture garden, a fire element, and a spectacular reflecting pool that is one of the most stunning nighttime displays of light in all of Arizona. No trip to Town Lake would be complete without a stroll past the Temple Center for the Arts.

It’s hard to mention them all, but there are over 100 events scheduled every year at or near Tempe Town Lake including the Tempe Arts Festival, The Tempe Festival of Lights, The Holiday Boat Parade, The 4th of July Fireworks Show, The Tempe Music FestivalOktoberfest, The Insight Bowl and The Insight/Fiesta Bowl New Year’s Block Party, one of the most attended communities New Year’s Party in the country.

Live, Play, Visit and Work.

A magnetic draw is the live, work, and play concept in the design of Tempe Town Lake. There are several luxury high rise condominiums that surround the north and south shores of the lake that is ideal for residents that work nearby. The condos overlook the lake’s shiny waters, bordered by several mixed-used developments including Class A office space, high-end retail, exciting nightlife, and fine dining.

Here residents can glide down from their opulent condominiums, walk a few steps to their office, and then step out again at day’s end for a night on the town, dining and dancing at one of the Tempe’s top nightclubs, all without getting behind the wheel of their car. The creative use of meandering paths along the lake’s shore make pedestrian travel the preferred method of transportation, and on weekends, residents and visitors alike can stroll between the many water venues along the lake and the restaurants, cafés and shops with ease.

Tempe Town Lake is the centerpiece of a civic revitalization project bringing together the best of Tempe’s recreation, entertainment and shopping into one fabulous, exciting destination. And the Lake is not only convenient to residents of Tempe but is only 15 minutes from downtown Phoenix and is adjacent to the southern boundaries of Scottsdale, Arizona.

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