North Mountain Park Hiking Trails & Picnic Ramadas

Located in north Phoenix, North Mountain once served as a campground for the students at Phoenix Indian School which is no longer a school. At 2,194 feet, North Mountain is a landmark peak with great panoramic views of the city from its summit. Large ramadas are available for picnic reservations and other smaller ones are available first-come, first-serve.

North Mountain Visitor Center.

Visit the Center Website for seasonal schedules and open times. The Center will give you insights into the richness and diversity of hiking in the Sonoran Desert. Educational classes and events are continuously scheduled. The Center sponsors a Wednesday Walking Club.

12950 North 7th Street
Phoenix, Arizona
Near Thunderbird Road and 7th Street
(620) 495-5540

Hiking Trails At North Mountain.

The Mountain Preserve features a variety of trails for all skill levels. The trails are multipurpose unless otherwise marked. See the map below for trail locations and the best places to park to reach each trail.

Trail 40
Penny Howe Barrier-Free Nature Trail

Trail Length: 0.3 Mile
Elevation: 1,420 to 1,380 feet
Difficulty: Easy

Trail 306
Shaw Butte Trail

Trail Length: 4 Miles
Elevation: 2,044 to 1,390 feet
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

Trail 60
Maxine Lakin Nature Trail

Trail Length: 1.2 Miles
Elevation: 1,408 to 1,290 feet
Difficultuy: Easy to moderate

Trail 44
North Mountain National Trail

Trail Length: 1.6 Miles
Elevation: 2,104 to 1,490 feet
Recommended for hiking only
Difficulty: Moderate to difficult

Trail 100
Charles Christiansen Memorial Trail

Trail Length: 10.7 Miles
Elevation: 2,080 t0 1,290 feet
Difficulty: Easy to moderate

North Mountain Hiking Trail Map.