Greater Phoenix Area

Greater Phoenix Area

It’s important to distinguish between the “City of Phoenix” versus the “Greater Phoenix Area”, commonly called “The Valley of the Sun”. The city of Phoenix is but one of about 20 different overlapping cities and towns in the metropolitan area. Although they each share common attractions and things to do, they each maintain unique personalities and characteristics. Combined, they are a region of synergy that boasts over 4 million residents and entices tourists from around the world.

The City of Phoenix

The population of the city of Phoenix is about 1.5 million (2010) and lies in the central heart of the metro area. The city proper is divided into 15 “urban villages” that are often confused as being separate suburban cities and towns of Phoenix but are actually communities that have their own planning committees. Read more about these Phoenix Urban Villages¬†and where each is located.

The Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Over 150,000 people moved to the greater metro area in 2011. They were no doubt attracted to the casual western lifestyle. The beauty of the Sonoran Desert and the lure of bright blue skies featuring over 330 days of annual sunshine. Its brilliant stars and the most colorful sunsets in the country provides special tranquility.

There is a rich history here beginning with the ancient Native American civilizations that once called this area home for thousands of years. Old west pioneers, ranchers, and golf miners settled the area in the early 1800s. The Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area is still home to real cowboys but it has grown up.

Phoenix has evolved into urban sophistication marked by inspiring restaurants, energetic nightlife, five major sports teams, huge shopping venues, a thriving art and culture scene, five surrounding boating lakes, over 200 golf courses, scores of world-class resort and spas, and major attractions in every direction.

Come visit the cities and towns that together create the urban heart and popular vacation destination of the Southwest. The following suburbs of Phoenix are presented alphabetically but are located in different areas of the valley.

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