Cholla Trail At Camelback Mountain

Cholla (pronounced ‘Choyah’) Hiking Trail is the less-known of its sister- trail, the Echo Canyon Trail. Cholla begins on the east side of Camelback Mountain and eventually merges with Echo Canyon near the 2,700 foot summit. Reaching the summit rewards with some outstanding views of the Valley below. Reaching the top is always exhilarating. Time to rest, enjoy inspiring scenes.

Both trails have a similar elevation gain of about 1,200 feet. Cholla Trail is slightly longer but Echo is slightly steeper. Cholla follows the backbone ridge of Camelback Mountain and joins the Echo Trail near the summit. Although each trail begins at opposite sides of Camelback, they both end at the summit peak. The last 1/8 mile of Cholla requires some rock scrambling.

Cholla Hiking Trail

  • Length: 1.6 Miles One Way
  • Difficulty: Difficult
  • Elevation Gain: 1200 Feet
  • Hiking Time: About 45 Minutes Up and 45 Minuted Descend.
  • Depends upon number of stops for picture-taking.

Caution and Warning. Beginner hikers should not attempt this hike. Most first-time hikers report that it is more difficult than expected. Hikers should be experienced hikers, in good health and physical condition. The best time to hike is October through April when temperatures are cool. Summer heat can be very intense. Always take plenty of water and wear good hiking shoes or boots. Many unskilled hikers have to be rescued in difficult spots. Check Phoenix Average Monthly Temperatures.

Cholla Trail Location, Map, and Parking

Trail Head at End of Cholla Lane
Just off of Invergordon and North 64th Street
Ranger Office: (602) 261-8318

Parking is available along Invergordon but prohibited on Cholla Lane. Parking can be very limited during peak times. The traihead is open daily from sunrise to sunset or 7:00 PM whichever comes first.

Google Map of Cholla Trail