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Contact one of these preferred Phoenix roofing contractors for all your roof repair and roofing requirements. They can answer all your roofing questions and provide estimates for the required work. If you need a complete new roof, they can re-roof your home with a roof designed just for Arizona climates.

Roofers in Phoenix


Phoenix Roof Repair - The Roof Medics
For roof inspections, certifications, repair, restoration or replacement of residential or commercial roofing systems, call The Roof Medics - 480 284-7338

Roof ponding solution to remove water from flat roofs. This solar roof pump protects roofs from collapse due to excess weight of water.

Lyons Roofing & Roof Repair
Whether you need minor repair or a major overhaul... call, you will be impressed with our service, the quality of our work.

Durafoam Roofing, Inc
We will repair or re-roof your building and provide a guarantee for our products and workmanship.

First Heritage Restoration
Roof replacements to include tile, wood shake, asphalt shingle and flat roofs to include upgraded modified and roll roofs.

Roof Star
Both residential and commercial roofing systems, including built-up single, single-ply, spray foam, shake, and more.

Scott Roofing & Roof Repair
For complete re-roof of your existing structure or simple roof repairs, we can respond to all your roofing needs.

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