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Distance and Directions: Phoenix To Sedona AZ

Cathedral Rock as seen on the way to Sedons from Phoenix

The drive to Sedona, Arizona from Phoenix is about 115 miles of scenic beauty. As you head north on Interstate 17 and leave the metropolis, you'll pass by the small towns of New River and Anthem. In all directions, you will see mountains and mesas that are covered with forests of the statuesque Saguaro cactus and outcroppings of granite boulders.

You'll then go through Black Rock Canyon City which is a cute, historical town setting at the base of a steep and switchback climb to the top of the rim. Keep your eye on the road during this few mile climb because there are canyon-edge drop-offs. Once reaching the top there is an exit to Sunset Point Lookout which is popular rest stop with incredible views.

From Sunset Point, the landscape scenery begins to change due to the higher elevation. Scan the area on both sides of the freeway and be on the lookout for herds of antelope that roam the area. You will reach a steep drop-off into the town of Camp Verde with winding hairpin turns. Drivers should not look, but to your right you can catch glimpses of old trails from the 1800s that were the pathways for horses and wagon trains.

Soon after passing Camp Verde and crossing over the Verde River Bridge, you will come to Exit 298. Exit there and turn left onto Arizona Route 179 which will take you directly into Sedona through Village of Oak Creek.

Recap of Directions From Phoenix to Sedona

Sedona, Arizona is about 115 miles from Phoenix via the Interstate 17 Freeway. Depending upon departure point, the driving time is about 2 hours through scenic views.

Take I-17 (Black Canyon Freeway) north towards Flagstaff about 98 miles to Exit 298. After exiting, turn left on Arizona Highway 179 and continue for about 14 miles into Sedona AZ.

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Directional Maps

Map Directions to Sedona AZ
Map From Phoenix To Sedona AZ

Map of the Drive Into Sedona From Phoenix
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Highway 179 is A Designated Scenic Byway

It's called the "Red Rock Scenic Byway". The real beauty of the drive into Sedona begins as you cross the Dry Beaver Creek Bridge and catch the views of the spectacular red rock monoliths that have been held sacred over thousands of years by the original ancient inhabitants of the Sedona, Arizona area. Suddenly the views come to life with a colorful mosaic of red soil, cliff canyon walls and lush greenery that combined reach for the blue skies. Many refer to this scenic drive as a "museum without walls".

There are several pull-offs at famous landmarks such as Bell Rock, Courthouse Butte, and the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Don't forget your camera. Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon are among the most photographed places in the country.

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